$1 Million Settlement
For Physical Abuse of a minor in Residential Facility
$950,000 Settlement
For Medical Malpractice Case resulting in Eye Enucleation
$600,000 Settlement
For Sexual Assault at Missouri Nursing Home
$1.875 Million Settlement
Medical Malpractice Settlement
$1 Million Settlement
Nursing Home Settlement
$23.9 Million Settlement
Jury Verdict against California Assisted Living Facility
$550,000 Settlement
Against Hospital For Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack
$1.48 Million Settlement
For Woman's Overdose Death After Surgery
$1 Million Settlement
For Dental Malpractice claiming wrongful death
$475,000 Settlement
Nursing Home Negligence Settlement
$450,000 Settlement
Nursing Home Negligence Settlement alleging inappropriate touching by Nursing Home Employee
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