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According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, about one out of every three infants born in the United States is delivered through Cesarean section or C-section. However, these sophisticated operations can fail. For example, a physician may delay the procedure, or they may make errors during the actual surgical process. This medical negligence can have severe effects on children and their families.

Our compassionate C-section malpractice attorney in Kansas City at Ricket Law Firm has years of experience defending the rights of birth injury victims and their families in Kansas City and around Missouri. We recognize the immense physical and emotional suffering that medical mistakes may cause families. We are also aware of the financial hardship it places on families. If you think an error happened during your child’s C-section delivery, we want to assist you.

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Why Do You Need a C-Section Malpractice Attorney in Missouri?

A medical malpractice claim occurs when a healthcare provider fails to deliver the required level of care for a patient’s condition. Their professional misbehavior can cause injury or even death. The law permits the injured patient to claim damages.

This legal field is quite specialized. You must retain our medical malpractice lawyer if you want to file a claim. They can assist you in filing the proper suit for the best possible outcome in your case. 

Not sure whether to employ a lawyer for your case? Here are many convincing reasons why choosing our skilled Kansas City C-section malpractice attorney may be your best option.

C-section malpractice attorney Kansas City, Missouri

Deal with Insurance Companies

When you retain our Kansas City C-section malpractice attorney, we will negotiate with the insurance companies so that you and your family may focus on your recovery. 

Obtain the Best Possible Settlement for your Case

Regarding medical malpractice cases, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Your possible award may be influenced by factors such as the nature of your injury, its repercussions, and the lack of medical treatment you received. Using our experience, we will give insight into the size of your probable compensation.

It isn’t easy to communicate and negotiate with insurance firms. Our skilled Missouri C-section malpractice attorney will handle all discussions with these firms. Today, the majority of medical malpractice claims are settled. We will negotiate the maximum settlement possible for medical malpractice in your case.

Efficient Processing of your Claim

Medical malpractice cases are tough to handle. Our experienced Kansas City C-section malpractice attorney knows the laws and how the process work. This means we can attain a resolution more efficiently than an attorney unfamiliar with medical malpractice law. We will have your back, whether it is a lawsuit or settlement negotiations. 

What is a Cesarean Section?

A C-section is a medical operation in which an incision is made in the abdomen, the uterus is cut open, and the baby is extracted manually. If a vaginal birth offers a health danger to the mother or child, a physician may opt to perform a C-section. Common scenarios in which doctors conduct the surgery include:

  • The baby’s shoulders become caught inside the mother’s body (shoulder dystocia)
  • The infant may be born with their feet first (breech position)
  • The umbilical cord goes through the vagina (cord prolapse)
  • The mother has a lengthy and challenging labor
  • The infant exhibits indications of fetal distress
  • The woman is giving birth to multiple babies
  • The mother has already had C-sections

Before performing a C-section, a doctor should have a thorough discussion with the mother and explain the advantages and hazards.

Why Is Obtaining Consent Necessary?

Due to the numerous hazards connected with C-sections, permission from the mother is required for this type of operation. In most instances, an obstetrician will discuss the prospect of a cesarean section with the patient to get consent for a surgical birth.

The medical team may conclude that a C-section is necessary for an emergency without obtaining consent. 

Mothers without informed consent for a surgical birth should immediately contact our competent C-section malpractice attorney in Kansas City to examine their legal alternatives. If you’re considering a medical malpractice lawsuit, call us today!

What Are Some C-Section Errors?

Among the most frequent C-section errors attributable to negligence include:

  • Failure to perform a C-section when labor is delayed or prolonged
  • Exposing the mother or baby to unwarranted risks by performing a C-section for efficiency’s sake
  • Accidental lacerations
  • Failure to treat post-C-section infection and inflammation
  • Using infected or malfunctioning medical equipment
  • Injury to the infant
  • Hemorrhage and profuse bleeding

What Are the Common Complications of Cesarean Section Errors?

After a C-section error, both mother and baby may require lengthy rehabilitation due to infections, blood clots, and permanent organ damage. Common birth injuries related to C-section errors include:

  • Infection and septic shock
  • Anesthesia side effects
  • Internal organ injury
  • Uterine rupture
  • Infant respiratory difficulties
  • Hemorrhage and bleeding
  • Future pregnancy dangers
  • Endometritis
  • Blood clots 

You might be eligible to file a medical malpractice claim if you or your baby were injured due to a physician’s malpractice. With millions recovered on behalf of accident victims, you can rely on our legal team to offer aggressive advocacy and caring guidance for your case.

When Can a Cesarean Section Error Be Considered a Medical Malpractice?

Not every C-section will be deemed negligent. Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or other health care practitioner fails to fulfill the established standard of care, causing injury or harm. Medical malpractice may arise when a doctor performs a C-section recklessly or incompetently. If the patient is not fully informed of the hazards of the procedure, this might potentially constitute medical malpractice.

How Can You Prove a Medical Malpractice Claim in Missouri?

To prove a C-section medical malpractice claim, you must demonstrate that the doctor breached the standard of medical care and that the breach caused your injuries. You must also show that you sustained losses due to the doctor’s negligence. If you cannot prove damages, you have no right to submit a claim. 

Suppose you or your baby were injured during or after a C-section, and you believe you were not adequately informed of the risks, that the procedure was unnecessary, or that it was performed improperly. In that case, you may have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim against the doctor, medical staff, and hospital. However, you must obtain the opinion of a medical professional before filing a claim.

In Missouri, plaintiffs in medical malpractice lawsuits are required by law to provide an affidavit of merit indicating that their claims have been assessed by experts who can attest that the treatment delivered was substandard. This affidavit of merit must be filed concurrently with the civil complaint or within 90 days of the complaint’s filing date.

What Are the Recoverable Damages in a Cesarean Section Medical Malpractice Claim?

You may be entitled to compensation when your baby has suffered a significant injury. Economic and non-economic damages recoverable in a birth injury case may include:

  • The pain and suffering of the infant and the mother
  • Emotional anguish
  • The lifetime expense of medical treatment for the baby
  • Earnings the parent will lose since they will miss work to care for and transport their child to medical appointments
  • If the error was egregious, the doctor and hospital might be held liable for punitive damages

How Can Our Skilled Kansas City C-Section Malpractice Attorney Help?

At the Ricket Law Firm, our skilled Kansas City C-section malpractice attorney works directly with clients to assist them in comprehending the implications of birth injuries on their life. Our method includes the following steps:

Case Assessment

Our C-section malpractice attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, and you must understand what occurred during the C-section. We will collect all the necessary information to determine if additional investigation is required. This part of the procedure will entail communication between you and our legal staff that is open and honest. We might decide not to take on a case for various reasons.

For example, we may not have sufficient time to investigate before the statute of limitations expires, or the statute of limitations may already have passed. In addition to demonstrating that the healthcare practitioner was negligent, we must also be able to confirm that the carelessness caused severe and lasting injury to you or your kid.

Medical Records Analysis

Our legal team will collect all data, including your medical records, to support your case. We collaborate with highly-skilled legal consultants who may evaluate these data and give invaluable insight into what may have gone wrong during the C-section.

Consultation With Professionals

We work with medical specialists who can give more insight into your case. We collaborate with seasoned obstetricians and other specialists familiar with the specific medical challenges involved with these circumstances.

They can help us evaluate if a doctor or other medical practitioner breached the accepted standard of care and, as a result, caused your child’s catastrophic injury.

Pursuing Your Claim

If you decide to pursue your C-section malpractice case, we will file your medical malpractice claim in the proper court and manage all essential documentation.

Even though most medical malpractice lawsuits are settled out of court, our professional Kansas City C-section malpractice attorney will be prepared to fight for you in court. We will always discuss any settlement offers you receive with you and make sure you realize that the option to accept or reject the offer is yours and yours alone. 

Our ultimate objective will be to help you obtain the answers you deserve and receive full and reasonable compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial suffering a C-section mistake has caused in your life. Call us to discuss your potential birth injury malpractice lawsuit.

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