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A severe injury can disrupt almost every aspect of your life. You could be restricted to work or simply do your regular exercise routine. When this happens, you have no other option but to visit a doctor for your recovery. In these instances, it is normal that you will struggle to pay your medical bills. That being said, it is therefore important to consult with an experienced resident overmedication lawyer. When faced with such circumstances, Ricket Law Firm is the best law firm in Kansas City to turn to for assistance. Ashley Ricket, the founding member of our law office, resolved hundreds of cases involving home abuse. Our services do not just focus on your present circumstances; rather, our dedication is rooted in our desire to make a long-term policy change. In more than a decade, our legal team has handled personal injury cases representing clients in the state of Missouri. If you need help, request a free consultation today!

Why do I need a Resident Overmedication Lawyer in Missouri?

resident overmedication lawyer kansas city, missouri

Due to the negligence or carelessness of a nursing home or deliberate misconduct by a staff member, overmedication can take place. It may result in behavioral or cognitive changes, depression, injury, or even wrongful death.

These consequences should not be taken lightly, and you should consider contacting a lawyer who is an expert in personal injury laws. In selecting the right one, consider the following characteristics:

  • Provides long-term solutions – You deserve a lawyer who is committed to bringing about long-term policy change rather than just providing solutions to your current situation. 
  • Experienced –  As injury lawsuits are quite a complicated legal process, look for a resident overmedication lawyer in Kansas who is familiar with federal and state regulations regulating nursing homes.
  • Proven competence – Aside from extensive experience, look for a personal injury law firm that has demonstrated competence in law practice. In other words, examine the outcomes of their cases. Choose those who can prove excellent results.

Ricket Law Firm has extensive experience in both personal injury and nursing home abuse. Throughout our substantial years of experience, our dedication has always been based on our desire to help clients obtain justice and provide a significant policy change to avoid future problems. 

The outcomes of our cases will determine how we achieve excellence and devotion in everything we do. If you need help with legal matters in nursing home abuse, schedule a free consultation today!

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can occur in a variety of ways. The most common are as follows:

  • Physical – Physical abuse can include shoving, assault, hitting, and other means to prevent the patient from doing anything, as well as intentionally denying the patient proper medication or nutrition.
  • Financial – This occurs when the nurse illegally or improperly uses the victim’s personal property or assets. Stealing, threat of force, and abuse of power of attorney are some of the common examples.
  • Emotional –Psychological or emotional abuse can still cause pain, although not in a physical way. This may be in the form of threats, humiliation, isolation, or intimidation.
  • Neglect – Some data reveals that 90% of residents are suffering from nursing home neglect. This pertains to failing to provide enough care and caution for the elderly.

There are indeed a lot of catastrophic abuses that one may suffer, whether you or a loved one. In these injury claims, you need a compassionate legal help from an experienced resident overmedication lawyer. This is to ensure that you and your family members are safe. Hire someone who can fight for you now!

Common Errors in Medication

If you or a family member was injured as a result of a prescription or medication error, our experienced attorneys can help. We assist individuals and families who have been harmed by medication inadvertently. The following are examples of common drug errors:

  • Dosage error
  • Drug prescription overdose
  • Error in administering drugs
  • Unexpected drug interactions
  • Lacking allergies immunizations
  • Pharmacy error

These errors can also be caused by bad handwriting or being distracted by patients. It could also be the result of a clinic or hospital failing to follow safety precautions. Such as, but not limited to, administering anesthesia, conducting a thorough assessment of a patient’s medical history, or failing to inquire about allergies. Medication errors can result in brain injury, anaphylactic shock, stroke, heart attack, and other complications.

Essential Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Serious injuries arising from home nursing may not be identified in the first instance. You have to check on your loved-ones and evaluate whether there are any of these signs:

  • Physical – Victims may be suffering from physical injury if they have bruises, broken bones, difficulty moving their wrists, or are afraid of other staff members or residents.
  • Financial – When several belongings go missing, the elderly may be victims of financial abuse. This includes unusual money transfers from their accounts or a sudden change in their legal documents, such as their will.
  • Emotional – If the elderly resident displays any traumatic behavior, such as depression or anxiety about other staff or residents, he or she may have been emotionally abused.
  • Neglect – In most cases, patients who were neglected by home nurses have suffered from dehydration, malnutrition, untreated bedsores, and unsanitary living conditions.

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The consequences of suffering from nursing home abuse are axiomatically severe and may cause disability. Furthermore, pursuing legal action is quite complicated if you handle it by yourself on behalf of your loved one. Thus, in cases involving medication abuse, it is imperative to get in touch with an experienced resident overmedication lawyer in Kansas City.

Contact Ricket Law Firm immediately if you require an experienced lawyer with proven competence. We provide the highest level of legal services to resolve your current problems and keep them from recurring in the future. You can achieve a faster recovery and fulfill your dreams by implementing long-term policy changes!

Other than nursing home abuse and neglect, we also handle cases on medical malpractice, home health abuse and wrongful death, and daycare abuse. Set a free initial consultation now! 

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