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Have you been involved in a truck accident in Kansas City, Missouri, and in search of dependable legal assistance? Look no further than Ricket Law Firm LLC. As your Kansas City MO truck accident attorney, our team of personal injury attorneys stands ready to offer unwavering support and extensive legal knowledge. We are committed to defending your rights and ensuring you secure the justice you rightfully deserve.

At Ricket Law Firm LLC, we fully understand the life-altering impact of truck accidents on victims and their families. Our reputation is built on delivering top-notch, personalized legal services, with our accomplished attorneys experienced in Missouri’s truck accident laws and regulations. Let us help you navigate the complex legal system during these trying times, relieving you of undue stress so you can focus on your recovery.

Contact Ricket Law Firm LLC today for a confidential consultation. Our legal team is eager to guide you through every step of the legal process, answer your questions, and provide the robust representation you require. Remember, you don’t have to face this alone—we’re here to assist you in reclaiming your life after a truck accident.

What Are the Key Aspects of Missouri’s Trucking Laws?

Missouri has a specific set of laws and regulations for the trucking industry, focusing on technology advancements, driver qualifications, service hours, and compliance. Let’s explore these aspects in more detail.

Technological Advancements & Guidelines:

A law was enacted in 2016 to replace manual logging in the trucking industry, saving an estimated $1 billion annually in paperwork and improving safety. Trucking companies had two years to implement the necessary technology. The Missouri Department of Transportation also established comprehensive guidelines on vehicle markings, trip reporting, and inspections.

Truck Driver Requirements:

To qualify as a truck driver, individuals must meet age requirements, maintain a clean driving record, and have knowledge of safe cargo loading. They should possess a valid driver’s license and pass a physical exam. Those with certain violations such as DUIs or felony convictions are disqualified.

Hours of Service:

The rules on service hours are strict. For property carriers, drivers can work up to 14 hours a day, with a maximum of 11 hours driving, followed by a mandatory 10-hour break. Drivers are limited to 60-70 hours over a 7-8 day period, with required breaks. Passenger carriers follow slightly different rules, but both types need a 34-hour rest before a new 7-to-8-day shift.


Drivers must adhere to federal regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing and training requirements, as well as their company’s policies. Violation of these rules contributing to an accident may lead to a driver being held liable for negligence and damages.

What Are Common Types of Truck Accidents in Missouri?

Truck accidents can occur in various ways, leading to severe, often catastrophic consequences. Our law firm has extensive experience in handling cases involving:

  • Distracted Driving: Distracted driving accidents happen when truck drivers, despite their demanding schedules, succumb to distractions like using a mobile phone or adjusting the GPS while on the road. This reckless behavior can lead to severe accidents, injuries, and property damage.
  • Rollover Accidents: When a vehicle loses road grip and overturns, the cargo may spill, especially hazardous if carrying dangerous materials. These accidents often result in significant injuries.
  • Cargo Spills: Unsecured cargo can shift or spill during transportation, damaging other vehicles and creating unsafe driving conditions.
  • Underride Accidents: These occur when a vehicle collides with and becomes trapped under a truck, often leading to severe injuries or fatalities.
  • Loss of Control: These accidents happen when drivers can’t control their vehicles due to road conditions or mechanical issues, often resulting in severe injuries.
  • T-Bone Accidents: Occurring when one vehicle hits the side of another, these accidents can lead to severe injuries like broken bones and spinal cord damage.
  • Jackknife Accidents: In such accidents, a truck skids and its trailer swings out sharply, blocking traffic and leading to potential multi-car pile-ups.
  • Tire Blowouts: Tire burst on a commercial truck can cause the driver to lose control, leading to accidents. Such incidents are common in trucks due to the heavy loads and long distances they cover.
  • Mechanical Failures: Accidents can result from malfunctioning engines, transmissions, or brakes due to inadequate maintenance or unauthorized parts, leading to injuries and potential catastrophe.

What Are the Typical Injuries Sustained in Missouri Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents can result in serious, life-altering injuries. At Ricket Law Firm LLC, our commitment is to help you secure fair compensation for your injuries. Our legal team provides representation for victims who have suffered from:

  • Spinal cord and brain injuries
  • Severe, life-altering conditions
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Back and internal organ damage
  • Soft tissue and facial injuries
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Crushing injuries
  • Seatbelt-induced injuries
  • Joint injuries 

Should you or a loved one be grappling with the aftermath of a significant injury from a truck accident, reach out to our skilled Kansas City MO truck accident attorney today. We stand ready to deliver the robust legal representation you deserve.

What to Do Following a Truck Accident in Missouri?

In the aftermath of a truck accident, following the right steps can be crucial. The team at Ricket Law Firm LLC can guide you through the entire process. Here’s a condensed roadmap to help you navigate this situation.

Safety First

Your immediate safety is paramount. If seriously injured, stay put and wait for medical help. If minor injuries, move out of traffic if possible without risking further harm.

Contact Law Enforcement

Report the accident promptly. The police will manage the scene, gather details, and file an accident report. Be factual and avoid assuming responsibility. Request a copy of the report.

Document the Scene

If able, capture images of the accident scene, vehicles involved, and any visible injuries. This can aid in establishing the facts later on.

No Admissions of Fault

When interacting with law enforcement or insurance adjusters, don’t admit fault. This is a complex issue best left to legal professionals.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of how you feel, seek medical attention promptly. This ensures any internal or latent injuries are identified early.

Silence on Social Media

Avoid posting about the accident on social media. Your posts may inadvertently be used against you in your case.

Notify Your Insurance

Report the incident to your insurance provider. Direct any inquiries from other parties to your attorney to protect your rights.

Consult a  Personal Injury Attorney

Get in touch with our truck accident attorneys at Ricket Law Firm LLC. We can guide you in your unique case and advocate for fair compensation on your behalf. Remember, legal advice is critical in navigating the complexities of a truck accident case.

How Can Fault Be Determined in a Truck Accident Claim?

Determining who is at fault in a truck accident involves demonstrating certain key elements, identifying the responsible parties, understanding industry regulations, and acknowledging the role of vicarious liability. The following sections detail these aspects.

Key Elements for Determining Liability

In truck accident cases, demonstrating the following four elements can help establish liability:

  1. Duty of care: The party had an obligation to act responsibly.
  2. Breach of duty: The party failed to uphold its duty of care.
  3. Causation: The breach directly resulted in an injury.
  4. Damages: The injury led to damages or losses.

Potential Parties Liable in Truck Accidents

Parties that have the duty of prioritizing road safety and can potentially be held liable include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Cargo loaders
  • Truck maintenance teams
  • Truck or component manufacturers

Trucking Industry Regulations and Negligence

Trucking industry operations are under state and federal laws, enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This agency oversees safety regulations such as truckers’ working hours, truck weight limits, and hiring and training standards. Negligence violations by trucking companies can involve:

  • Inadequate employee screening or hiring of unqualified personnel
  • Overworking drivers
  • Providing insufficient driver training
  • Overloading trucks beyond legal weight limits

Vicarious Liability in the Trucking Industry

Through the legal principle of respondeat superior or vicarious liability, trucking companies can be held accountable for their employees’ wrongful actions, including those of independent contractors in Missouri.

What is the Value of My Truck Accident Injury Claim?

Evaluating the worth of a commercial vehicle accident case involves careful consideration, as many factors contribute to the overall value. These may include:

  •  Severity and extent of your injuries
  • Long-term consequences, disabilities, or changes in appearance due to the injuries
  • Impact of your injuries on your ability to work, your overall well-being, and quality of life
  • Your contribution, if any, to the accident
  • Available insurance coverage to compensate for the damages 

For an accurate valuation of your case, we recommend a consultation with our truck accident attorney in Kansas City. By delving into your case’s specifics, we can estimate its potential worth and guide you through the subsequent legal process.

What Compensation Can I Recover for My Truck Accident Injury Claim in Missouri?

Missouri law allows those involved in accidents to pursue both economic and non-economic damages from the party at fault.

Economic Damages

Economic damages can be proven with documents such as medical bills, insurance records, invoices, pay stubs, and work-related correspondence. These damages may include:

Medical Expenses

This includes both past and future medical costs related to treatments, hospitalizations, prescription medications, and rehabilitation or physical therapy.

Lost Wages

If the accident caused you to miss work and resulted in a loss of income, you can seek compensation for the wages you would have earned during that time.

Disability Accommodations

If your injuries require modifications to your living environment, such as home adaptations or assistive devices, you may be entitled to compensation for these expenses.

Property Damage

If your property was damaged in an accident, such as your vehicle, you can seek compensation for the repair or replacement costs.

Live-In Care

In cases where severe injuries require ongoing assistance or live-in care, the costs associated with such care may be included in economic damages.

Transportation Expenses

This includes the costs of traveling to and from medical appointments, including mileage, parking fees, and public transportation costs.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages refer to the intangible losses, both physical and emotional, that you have experienced as a result of the accident. Here are some common examples of non-economic damages:

Mental Suffering

This refers to the emotional and psychological distress you have experienced as a result of the accident.

Head Injuries

Damage to the brain caused by the accident, which can have long-lasting physical and cognitive effects.

Emotional Trauma

The psychological impact of the accident, leading to feelings of distress, anxiety, or fear.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

A condition that may develop after experiencing a traumatic event, causing symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety.

Chronic Pain

Long-lasting and persistent physical pain resulting from the accident.


Experiencing feelings of unease, worry, or fear due to the accident.

Embarrassment or Humiliation

Feeling ashamed or humiliated as a result of the accident or its consequences.


The initial emotional and physical response to a traumatic event, often characterized by a sense of disbelief or numbness.

Permanent Disability

Sustaining injuries that result in long-term or permanent physical limitations or impairments.

Loss of Quality of Life

A reduction in your overall well-being, including limitations in daily activities, hobbies, or relationships due to the accident.

Wrongful Death

When a person loses their life due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another party.

Punitive Damages

In Missouri, punitive damages may be awarded if the defendant intentionally harmed you or acted with extreme disregard for others’ safety. These damages aim to punish the defendant rather than compensate for losses. Although securing punitive damages can be difficult, depending on your accident details, you may qualify for such compensation. To discuss potential compensation, it’s advisable to consult with a personal injury attorney at the Ricket Law Firm LLC.

Is Compensation Possible If I’m Partially At Fault for My Truck Accident in Missouri?

In instances where an insurance company assigns some blame to you for a traffic accident, it’s important to understand that accidents often involve shared fault. Missouri’s law follows the doctrine of pure comparative negligence to address such situations.

Under this rule, you retain the right to pursue damages even if you are found to be as much as 99% responsible for the accident. However, your compensation will be adjusted downwards in proportion to your degree of fault. In other words, if you are determined to be partially at fault, the final amount you receive will be reduced to reflect your share of the liability.

What is Missouri’s Statute of Limitations for Truck Accident Injury Claims?

As per Missouri Code section 516.120, specific time limits, known as the statute of limitations, govern when you can file a personal injury lawsuit related to a truck accident in the state. For such claims, you typically have five years to initiate legal proceedings. However, if your claim involves a wrongful death resulting from a truck accident, the timeframe becomes more stringent, only allowing for a three-year period.

Neglecting these critical deadlines can result in a forfeiture of your right to pursue any compensation for your injuries or losses. To safeguard your claim, it’s vital to take quick action. Delays not only risk violating these strict timelines but can also complicate the process of investigating your case and gathering supporting evidence.

Our personal injury attorney at Ricket Law Firm LLC ensures compliance with these critical deadlines, as stipulated by Missouri Code section 516.120, protecting your opportunity to seek the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.

Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Attorney in Missouri?

When you’re involved in a truck accident, the consequences can be severe, causing both physical injuries and financial instability. Dealing with the insurance company to settle your case can be a lengthy process, stretching out over several months or even years. 

During this time, the insurance company may try to persuade you to accept a settlement that is less than what you rightfully deserve. They may even attempt to shift the blame onto you for the accident. At Ricket Law Firm LLC, we understand your situation, and we believe you deserve the support of our personal injury attorney. 

Our team is dedicated to helping you fight for the compensation you deserve. When you choose us to represent you in your truck accident case in Missouri, you can trust our Kansas City MO truck accident attorney to:

  • Offer reliable legal guidance, individualized care, and assistance throughout the process
  • Manage all communication and administrative responsibilities on your behalf
  • Conduct a comprehensive and independent investigation into your accident, collecting evidence and exploring potential sources of compensation
  • Collaborate with experts from various fields to build a strong case based on negligence
  • Assess and accurately determine the complete scope of your present and future damages, ensuring fair negotiations for settlement
  • Present a persuasive argument to a jury if a satisfactory offer is not reached

You don’t have to face well-financed insurance companies on your own. Contact Ricket Law Firm LLC to receive the legal representation you are entitled to.

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