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A cerebral palsy diagnosis can be terrifying and baffling. This is not the future you had envisioned, but it is the one that has been delivered to you. If your child’s condition was caused by any form of medical professional’s negligence, they are responsible for making amends. You can seek financial compensation for your child’s medical treatment, anguish, suffering, continued medical demands, and even lifelong care through a civil case.

The Ricket Law Firm is here to assist during this challenging time. Our skilled cerebral palsy lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri, will utilize our legal, academic, and practical knowledge to provide the finest representation in cerebral palsy matters. These tasks are typically tricky and intricate, but we are up to the challenge. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for your child.

Why Do You Need a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer in Missouri?

cerebral palsy lawyer Kansas City, MissouriWhen you engage with our cerebral palsy lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri, we become your defender, your confidant, and, to a large part, the person from whom you take considerable guidance. If we tell you not to speak with a particular person, heed our advice. We must have access to all case-related communications. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that someone is always looking out for your best interests and those of your child.

The expenses of raising a child with cerebral palsy can be extremely high. The purpose of a lawsuit is to provide justice, a means for a victim of another’s negligence to recover compensation. Parents typically sue on behalf of their child, with additional compensation occasionally sought for the parents.

Some families may discover, for instance, that the state authorities responsible for giving financial assistance to disabled individuals are pretty reluctant to provide the kid with some benefits to which they are entitled. Our competent birth injury attorney can frequently facilitate the appeals process for rejected benefits.

How Can Our Dedicated Kansas City Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Help?

At the Ricket Law Firm, we will examine your case aggressively to uncover what went wrong and find any health care professional who may be accountable for your child’s cerebral palsy. In the course of our investigation and preparation of the case, our dedicated Kansas City cerebral palsy lawyer will:

Examine your medical files.

Our dedicated cerebral palsy lawyer in Kansas City will collect all medical evidence, including your medical records, your child’s medical records at birth, and records about the cerebral palsy diagnosis of your child. We employ nurses with extensive legal consulting knowledge. They can evaluate these data and provide crucial insight into what may have gone wrong during the delivery of your child and its early aftermath.

Consult professionals.

We collaborate with specialists who understand the causes of cerebral palsy. They can help us determine if a physician or another medical professional deviated from the accepted standard of care, resulting in your child’s damage.

Determine whether you wish to continue.

If we believe that we can prove that medical malpractice caused your child’s birth injury, we will explain in full the case we intend to present. We will discuss all of your legal choices and the upcoming procedure, including an estimate of how long it may take to conclude your case. 

Pursue your claim.

We will handle the necessary documentation if you decide to pursue a cerebral palsy medical malpractice claim. If our experts believe that preventable medical mistakes caused your child’s condition, we will seek compensation for your family’s suffering. 

Our trusted birth injury attorney will be prepared to pursue your claim at trial, if necessary. We will discuss any settlement offers you receive and let you know that the option to accept or reject the offer is solely yours. Our ultimate objective will be for you to receive the answers you deserve and to seek full and reasonable compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial harm caused by your child’s birth disability.

What Constitutes Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition resulting from brain damage or abnormality during pregnancy. Cerebral pertains to the brain, whereas Palsy is associated with muscle issues or weakness. It impairs an infant’s mobility and coordination and may alter reflexes, muscle tone, balance, and posture.

A child with cerebral palsy may have difficulty reaching fine and gross motor milestones. An inadequate oral motor function may result in problems with speech, chewing, and swallowing. Cerebral palsy does not worsen over time. However, symptoms can fluctuate over a person’s lifetime. The severity of symptoms can range from minor to severe, leaving individuals with various management strategies.

What Are the Possible Causes of Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy can be caused by medical negligence and errors. Oxygen deprivation or physical trauma can induce brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy. A thorough inquiry into your child’s birth circumstances can disclose whether medical negligence may have contributed to their illness.

Potential causes of cerebral palsy resulting from medical negligence include:

  • Untimely C-section
  • Lengthy labor
  • Misapplication of forceps or vacuum
  • Mismanagement of complications of delivery
  • Failure to notice fetal distress
  • Reaction delay to fetal distress

Our aggressive cerebral palsy lawyer in Kansas City at Ricket Law Firm has the legal knowledge to explore these instances. We can accurately establish whether medical negligence caused the birth injury and know how to prove it in or out of civil court. Call us today for legal advice on your birth injury claim.

When Does Cerebral Palsy Indicate Medical Malpractice?

Your child’s cerebral palsy may provide the basis for a medical malpractice claim. However, not every instance of cerebral palsy indicates wrongdoing. You will require proof that a doctor’s negligence or malpractice contributed to cerebral palsy. 

Duty of care, breach, causation and damages are the four elements of proof that our knowledgeable cerebral palsy lawyer in Missouri must demonstrate for a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

First, the defendant must have had a duty of care toward the plaintiff at the time of the claimed malpractice.

Second, as your doctor, the defendant must have breached a duty of care. In other words, they did not act in a way that another competent professional of the same specialization would. This can occur if they acted carelessly, lacked the necessary knowledge or training, or made harmful mistakes while caring for you.

Third, we must prove that the defendant’s negligence caused your child’s cerebral palsy. This can be the most challenging element to establish. We will require evidence to demonstrate that your child’s cerebral palsy would not have occurred if they had received sufficient medical treatment during pregnancy or delivery.

Last but not least, we must demonstrate the presence of damages resulting from medical negligence, such as medical bills and diminished quality of life. In Kansas City, the skilled birth injury attorney at Ricket Law Firm can help you file and prove a cerebral palsy claim.

Why Should You Pursue a Cerebral Palsy Case?

Some cases of cerebral palsy are preventable, mainly caused by medical negligence. A cerebral palsy medical malpractice case may result in life-altering financial compensation for families. This compensation can be used to pay for your child’s cerebral palsy treatment, as depending on the severity of their condition, your child may require lifetime care.

Financial compensation from a lawsuit for cerebral palsy can help pay for:

  • Assistive technology
  • Educational requirements
  • Medicines
  • Mobility devices
  • Health care
  • Surgery
  • Therapy
  • Transportation upgrades

Your child will be able to get high-quality care to help them live a long, happy life due to the compensation obtained in a cerebral palsy injury lawsuit.

What Are the Other Benefits of Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

Medical personnel who did not adhere to a high level of care during childbirth should be held accountable for their actions. Knowing justice has been served might give parents peace of mind when filing a cerebral palsy case. In addition, some families choose to file cerebral palsy lawsuits to educate other families.

A lawsuit might bring attention to cases of medical negligence. Other families who have suffered the same type of injury may be encouraged to file suit.

Consult Our Dedicated Cerebral Palsy Lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri

We handle difficult and complex issues for the most deserving clients at Ricket Law Firm. If you and your family are confronted with the painful truth that your beloved child has suffered a birth injury or an avoidable complication due to medical malpractice resulting in cerebral palsy, you should call our dedicated cerebral palsy lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri. Get in touch with us today and see how our skilled birth injury attorney can help you through your difficult time.

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