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When you place your elderly loved ones in an elder home or a nursing home, you entrust them to the hands of the people there. Everyone wants the assurance that their loved ones will be taken care of professionally in their old age, making their days count. However, as much as we want to believe that everyone has good motives, some take advantage of the state of elders, and as a result, many suffer from sexual abuse. This is when an elder sexual abuse attorney from Kansas City is needed. 

Elder abuse happens much more often than we realize and in places where they should feel safe such as a nursing home. Abuse takes many forms, from neglect to false imprisonment to sexual abuse, which is greatly traumatic for the elders involved. If you or a loved one is suffering from elder abuse in a nursing home, contact an elder sexual abuse attorney from Kansas City to help you sort the matter out smoothly. 

An attorney can walk you through the entire process, from investigating and reviewing the case to filing the claim and representing you and your loved one in court. Our Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer generously gives legal advice to help you better understand your elder abuse case. Schedule an appointment right now.

Why do I need an Elder Sexual Abuse Attorney in Missouri?

There is absolutely no questioning the trauma elder sexual abuse brings to both the victim and their loved ones. Given this harrowing situation, it can be tempting to skip getting legal advice and just carry on with your life, completely forgetting and burying all painful memories. However, it is recommended to bring the case to justice by enlisting the legal assistance of an experienced elder sexual abuse attorney from Kansas City.

What exactly can an attorney do for you? Firstly, an attorney from the Ricket Law Firm, LLC will be your staunchest advocate in this case. An attorney can fight for you and represent you in an array of elder abuse cases ranging from nursing home neglect to financial and sexual abuse. An attorney is highly familiar with the state and federal regulations regarding nursing homes.

Talk to an attorney from Ricket Law Firm LLC. An elder sexual abuse attorney can walk you through the legal processes involved in elder law. The attorney’s practice area focuses on personal injury litigation and representing plaintiffs in elder abuse or nursing home abuse cases. Ricket Law Firm, LLC services the Kansas City area. Get in touch with an experienced elder sexual abuse attorney right now.

What is Sexual Abuse?

Elder sexual abuse pertains to non-consensual sexual contact involving an elderly person. These are usually done without their consent or because they are incapable of giving consent. An elderly nursing home resident is typically unable to comprehend the events leading up to sexual abuse and might not even know it is happening to them. Common types include rape, forced nudity, taking sexually explicit pictures, and unwanted touching.

Elder home abuse takes on many forms. The ones that are typically heard of are financial abuse, wherein a nursing home staff might steal information about an older home resident and use it to withdraw the elder’s money, and neglect which, in essence, is not providing the adequate care needed to maintain the elder’s health, thus resulting in either injury or worsening of their health.

How Does One Determine Elder Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse does happen in elder homes, apart from financial abuse and nursing home negligence. The common signs of sexual assault include injury in the genital areas and contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. These are particularly traumatizing events, and these must be reported. If your loved one has been sexually abused in a nursing home, it is wise to contact an attorney from Ricket Law Firm, LLC, who can bring the elder abuse case to justice.

How Do I Report Elder Sexual Abuse?

If suspected elder sexual abuse is happening to a family member, know that you must take action immediately. Here are some steps to follow when reporting elder abuse:

    • Verify the Story. Learn first if the elder abuse victim reporting the abuse is telling the truth. This can be done by checking other nursing home residents and gathering medical records and photos of injuries.
    • Move the Elderly Person to A Different Facility. If you suspect that abuse is occurring, consider moving the older adult to another nursing home if you suspect that a staff member is abusing them.
    • Notify Authorities. Notify the authorities, such as a district attorney, regarding the incident. In some states, if it is determined that the nursing home is at fault, the state will file a case against it.
    • File With the Rightful Agencies Regarding Adult Abuse. These can be the state’s department of social services, adult protective services, and other law enforcement agencies.
    • Hire an Attorney. Like all legal troubles, it isn’t recommended that you go through its complexities alone. Retain an elder sexual abuse attorney from Missouri who is knowledgeable in nursing home law, personal injury, elder abuse, elder law, and fraud.

What Legal Claims and Be Filed In Elder Abuse Situations?

Elderly individuals may bring forth several claims against nursing homes, from physical abuse to sexual misconduct to financial abuse and neglect. However, specific standards must be met before considering a claim. Firstly, the victim must be older than a certain age which varies from state to state.

Plaintiffs can file lawsuits for neglect, especially if it is proven that the nursing home failed to abide by the standards for providing care to elderly individuals. Failure to comply with the federal Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, which requires nursing homes to have Medicare or Medicaid funds to maintain their facilities and provide a safe place for their residents, can result in a case being filed against them.

Call our Elder Sexual Abuse Attorney Now!

Learning that your elderly loved ones have been abused can be traumatic, terrifying, and infuriating in all equal amounts. If this is the case for you, know that the wisest course of action would be to enlist the help of an experienced elder sexual abuse attorney law office Ricket Law Firm, LLC. The firm’s attorney is experienced in handling all kinds of abuse cases, including sexual abuse, that can help bring justice to the situation.

Sexual abuse towards elderly individuals can sometimes be hard to detect since it can start from unwanted or petty touching and can escalate without the elderly individual even knowing they are being abused. If your loved one is being sexually abused, look no further than Ricket Law Firm, LLC, for legal assistance. You deserve an attorney who is well-versed in elder law and knows the ins and outs of nursing home law and personal injury. An attorney can help bring justice. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

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